There are hundreds of horse jumping games available on the internet. Here you will find only the most popular horse jumping games.

Don’t hesitate to play as long as you wish on as we have got the largest Collection of Free Online Horse Games. So put on your riding boots and let out your internal jockey! Play and have great fun!

 1. Horse Jumping 2

horse-jumping-2-1 horse-jumping-2-2

A beautiful horse jumping game with amazing 3d graphics. Control your horse and pass through different stages showcasing your best jumping skills.

 2. Horse Jumping Champs

horse-jumping-champs-1 horse-jumping-champs-2

You are the sole champion in the game. You will be provided with three chances to commit any mistake or hit any obstacles.

Use the right and left arrow keys very fast in order to increase your stamina and apply the spacebar to jump of over any hindrance.

 3. Horse Jumping Challenge

horse-jumping-challenge-1 horse-jumping-challenge-2

It’s one of the most challenging horse jumping games. Jump on your horse and take the challenge. Ride on your horse and apply the fullest speed to jump over all the obstacles and the fences.

Use the up arrow key to increase the speed and use the down arrow key to decrease the speed. In order to turn right apply the right arrow key and use the left arrow key to turn left. When you need to jump, use the spacebar.

Take control of the race and win it to achieve the highest points. Let’s enjoy the game!

 4. Horse Jumping 3D

horse-jumping-3d-1 horse-jumping-3d-2

Brighten up your day with this delightful Horse Jumping 3D game. The amazing graphics and fantastic gameplay will make your day for sure.

Do you get everything you need to take part in the horse jumping challenge and beat all of the rivals to win the title?

The rules to ride on your horse is quite simple. Accelerate your speed using the up arrow key and slow down your speed applying the down arrow key. Use the left arrow key to turn left. Turn right using the right arrow key. Make a use of the spacebar to get pass an obstacle.

Before finishing the race, you have to reach to your fixed goal as well.

 5. Horse Show Jumping

horse-show-jumping-1 horse-show-jumping-2

Straightforward rules and simple game. The time is fixed. All you need to accomplish is – jumping precisely and correctly over all the obstacles before the time runs out.

 6. Jumporama 2

jumporama-2-2 jumporama-2-1

This is a fantastic horse jumping game. Your task is to jump. Jump all along. When you encounter a barrier, you have to apply the spacebar precisely to make your horse jump at the perfect time before you hit it.

In the case of your failure, you will hit the barrier straightly and as a result, you will fall. If you face three falls, the game will be over.

If you can have double jumps at a time, you will earn extra points. So, sit tight and get ready to face the Jumporama challenge.

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