You will find many different Horse Racing Games here. Select your virtual horse and win the races.

 1. Horse Athletics

Horse-Athletics-1 Horse-Athletics-2

Simple and elegant horse racing game – Horse Athletics. You will need to excel at 5 tracks to become the champion. Use arrow keys to control the speed and jumping action.

 2. Stay the Distance

Stay the Distance-2 Stay the Distance-3

Join in the final race of the day! Only one match is left to win the Tote Jackpot.

Your task is to accomplish everything required to win this match. You will need to examine the field carefully and then preparing a proper game plan.

Pick the best horse for the last ride. You can apply a trick to recharge the stamina of the horse, and the trick is – try to keep the horse closer to the inner fences. In order to win the match quickly, you should pick the horse with lesser odds.

 3. Horse Racing

horse-racing-3 horse-racing-2

In this horse racing game, you are not the rider. You are the gambler who will bet on the best horse with the greatest possibility to win the race. Pick the best one.

Use arrow key red to slow down and apply arrow key green to accelerate the speed.

 4. Horse Racing Mania

horse-racing-mania-2 horse-racing-mania-3

Horse Racing Mania, the toughest challenge you have ever experienced! Start the game by picking your favorite character from different cartoons or games.

So, you will have to race against different other interesting rival characters, such as – Barbie, Dora, Ben10 and others to win the game.

When you are close to a barrier, press spacebar to overcome it by making your horse jump. Use left and right to move left and right consecutively.

Run your horse as fast as possible to cover the distance within the shortest possible time.  You will need to collect the powers as well, to make your horse jump higher than before.

 5. Horse Racing Fantasy

horse-racing-fantasy-2 horse-racing-fantasy-3

If you are a true lover of the horse races, this game is made for you. Throughout the entire game, your mission will be increasing your power and pace simultaneously.

Pick one among the eight stallions. Each of them has unique qualities. Some are less dominant with speedy high pace, and others are more powerful with less rapid pace.

Pick the suitable one for you and then give it a name.

Left or right arrow keys will come to the use of reducing and increasing the pace. Apply the up and down arrow keys for top and bottom movements.

You will get only three chances to whip your horse for having a burst of speed by using the spacebar. So, make the best use of this limited chance to grab the golden victory.

 6. Race to the Finish

race-to-the-finish-1 race-to-the-finish-2

Play the game with a few Straight and simple rules. Your primary task is to move your shield to the leaves in order to obtain speed.

You will have to use your mouse in this case, as the mouse pointer will appear as the shield in the game. The more leaves you can gather, the faster your horse will run.

Remember to pick up the rare and valuable bonuses on your way. Pick up the yellow bonus to have a speed boost. The pink bonus will provide you with a big shield for a particular period of time. You will be able to freeze the leaves if you collect a blue bonus.

 7. Pepcid Horse Jumping

pepcid-horse-jumping-1 pepcid-horse-jumping-2

Jump on your obedient steed and ride straight to your victory in this fantastic horse flash game. Demonstrate some samples of horse jumping.

Keep jumping to overcome all the obstacles on your way to the win. Keep practicing to reduce the required time to make the distance and earn the gold medal as a recognition of your effort.

 8. Luna Horse Adventure

luna-horse-adventure-1  luna-horse-adventure-2

It’s another piece of incredible horse racing game. The cute little girl Luna and her adorable horse are the leading characters in this game. They are very much excited and eager to run and explore the magic land that is full of sweets, candies, and chocolates.

Your mission will be collecting the maximum possible candies and other kinds of stuff.  But, try to keep yourself safe and unharmed at the same time.

It’s a quite tough challenge. You have to accomplish your mission to make Luna, and her horse happy as they desire to be.

 9. Derby Racing

derby-racing-1 derby-racing-2

All you need to do is- making the distance to the finish line to the quickest speed without falling, even for once.  All the best with your mission!

 10. Racing Zebra

racing-zebra-1 racing-zebra-2

Assist the zebra to reach his destination. The Zebra is racing on the racing field, and all you need to do is to aid it in making the jump at the perfect moment.

If the horse hit with any hurdles on the ground, the life of it will reduce and your gaming life will decrease as well.

Try to make perfect jumps to increase your score recorded on the scoreboard. You will find the map of the race-course on the top of the screen.

 11. Pony Racing

pony-racing-3 pony-racing-2

This Pony Racing game will take you to the wonderland, where you will run with Stella, Sandy, and Rosy. If you can pick up the apples, the energy level of the Pony will be restored. Also, apply the magical power-ups to make it easier to win the game.

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