Here is where you can play all sorts of action and horse riding games. From show jumping games to Rodeo riding games.

 1. Knight Age

knight-age-1 knight-age-2

Start playing the game by choosing your favorite knights from one of the offered knights and then select the color of your obedient horse.

You will be provided with various different powers for defense, attack and horse speed and other skills.

You need to earn gold to purchase various items for having more efficient and heavier spear, reducing the speed meter and picking the perfect stuff for the perfect battle. Take part in the battles one by one.

You should have a precise aim to beat your rivals. Fight awesome opponents and knock down all your foes.

 2. The Most Wanted Bandito 2

the-most-wanted-bandito-2-3 the-most-wanted-bandito-2-2

The most wanted bandits are got stronger than ever before, and they are an extreme threat to the world. You are the sole savior who can beat them all.

You are required to upgrade all of your skills, including – health, the weapon reload time, the health recovery time, the money bonus and the probability to get the bonus.

You are also free to purchase guns and other weapons. You need to get allies as well. Your task is to collect bonuses, fight the bandits and call your allies when you really need them.

If you want you can choose the Endless Mode to play the game without any mission, only to hone your skills. In this case, you have to try to survive as long as you can.

 3. The Most Wanted Bandito 1

wanted-bandito-1 wanted-bandito-2

Arrest the Wild West’s most wanted bandit – Elmuerto! And doing so, you will need to play with many dangers.

Your task will be – jumping over obstacles, fighting against the villain and ultimately being the most notorious crook ever!

Apart from this, you will need to upgrade your level and earn the maximum possible cash to spend them purchasing different necessary items from the store.

 4. Dragon Fable: Fire Spawn

horse-riding-gamesdragon-fable-fire-spawn-1 horse-riding-gamesdragon-fable-fire-spawn-2

You are going to play the role of the lonely knight in this game who is riding through a desert and seeking for the revenge for his lost family.

Your task will be avoiding boulders, obstacles, dragon attacks and cactus plants. There is only one way to defeat the dragon – fire the arrows carefully.

 5. Robot Unicorn Attack

robot-unicorn-attack--1  robot-unicorn-attack--2

Let’s get started to chase your dreams! Play this amazing Robot Unicorn Attack game and bring your fantasy into the reality.

All you need to do in this game is collecting the maximum possible rainbow angels to earn the highest score.

Your primary task is to capture the amazing rainbow unicorn that is running without a single pause. Catch it and take control over it to earn the best score.

 6. Robot Unicorn Attack – Christmas Edition

robot-unicorn-attack-christmas-3 robot-unicorn-attack-christmas-1

Welcome to the world of the Robot Unicorn Attack! Your mission is to make the longest possible distance to earn the highest score.

Keep yourself away from all the dangers and threats in the fantasy world and try to destroy all the obstacles ahead of you. So, get started and test how long you can make in this game.

 7. Kings Rider

kings-rider-1  kings-rider-2

Take the role of the world’s best horse rider in the game. So, you are going to serve the king in this Kings Rider game.

You have to present your best riding skills in the game. Along with this, you need to gather coins and battle against the enemies of your kingdom.

You have to use the right arrow key in order to use the sword. Use the left arrow key to cast a bow. Use up arrow key to jump.  And apply the down arrow key to duck.

Try to dodge the dangers, yet try to knock down everything that is required.

 8. Gunshot Cowboy

gunshot-cowboy-1 gunshot-cowboy-3

Aid the Gunshot Cowboy and defeat all his enemies around. Start the game by picking the preferred character and then check the map thoroughly.

On the map, you will find the places that need to be cleared. You will also get to know what rewards and medals you have earned so far.

You have to apply your mouse to set your target and shoot the enemies. To activate the Red Eye Rage – use the Space Bar. Press the Space Bar and hold the mouse button on the opponents to destroy the maximum possible enemies in a single blow.

 9. Neverending Chevalier

neverending-chevalier-1 neverending-chevalier-2

In this very fascinating game, you are the one, the best Chevalier on the earth!

The task is quite simple – start climbing to the peak of the tower.

The question is – are you capable of doing it? Can you win to avoid all the dangers to be the richest man? Collect the coins to get points and glory.

Try to collect the gems to achieve the biggest fame.

 10. Dora and Unicorn

dora_and_unicorn-1 dora_and_unicorn-2

Make your dream come true in this magic land! In this beautiful Candyland, unite with Dora and her adorable unicorn to collect the maximum possible candies.

You have to jump over the obstacles and try not to fall into the abysses. Work hard and earn the highest points before you fall or hit in an obstacle.

Your total score will be determined depending on the number of candies you have collected and the distance you have traveled.

 11. Detective Horse

detective-horse-2 detective-horse-1

Everything got changed since the golden horseshoes got stolen. Inspector Iggy is going to investigate the case of missing horseshoes.

Your task is to assist him in the warehouse to investigate the case from the first to the twelfth levels.

You have to find out the horseshoes, grab it and run away from the evil wolves.

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