In horse training games, you will train your horse to become the best horse trainer in the world.

You will need to take care of your animal, improve skills and win competitions. Play fun and exciting animal training and horse simulation management games.

 1. Horse Rancher

horse-rancher-1 horse-rancher-2

Assume, you’re a horse rancher, and your task is – managing your horse ranch in order to earn dollars. It’s all about taking care of the horse farm properly and perfectly to be the best horse rancher.

At the starting, you will be provided with 4900 dollars’ game cash to buy a horse and some food for him. All you have to do is managing the horse ranching.

You are required to take part in a horse race in order to win the race to earn money for buying more food for the animals. The fate of the race will depend on the stamina of your horse.

 2. My Horse Farm

My-Horse-Farm-1 myhorsefarm-3

Have a great fun with this awesome farming game. It’s a game for people of all ages and genders.

It’s not that easy to be a Wrangler, but it’s worth trying. Otherwise, you may not know how expert you are in this field. So, get started to build the most fantastic and the biggest horse farm on the earth in order to harvest the profit.

You are going to launch the farm with only one horse at the starting phase. Take care of the horse with food and water as you will not get anything else at the beginning of the game.

Your purpose will be expanding your firm every day with new horses by breeding the existing ones. Play the game and certainly, you will have a lot of fun and enjoyment.

 3. Animal Raceway

animal-raceway-3 animal-raceway-2

Pick a fascinating character among various animals. Dress it up correctly and get started on a challenging adventure.

You may need to upgrade your skills by taking some training through playing the mini games. It will also help you to raise your stats and to boost up your animal in the race. Now, you are all set to be the champion in the premier league.

Select the perfect race to take part based on your strength in the stats. You have to apply the spacebar, arrow keys, and different other keyboard keys to earning more points in each of the training games.

You will find the background music very inspiring and soothing. The game is exciting as well. So, just start to enjoy it.

 4. Animal Shelter

animal-shelter-1 animal-shelter-2

You have to take care of the adorable critters to find the perfect shelter for all of them. Apply your mouse to pick the animals and then you can feed them, give them medication, or play with them.

You will have to check their information as well. Use the icons located at the bottom of your screen to explore the menus for shopping, advertising, your agenda, and inbox.

Take care of all the animals well and advertise time to time to get them adopted by the perfect persons.

 5. Gone to the Dogs

gone-to-the-dogs-2 gone-to-the-dogs-3

This is all about dogs. If you love them and care them as your pet, then play the game right now. These dogs can do everything to grab the big bucks.

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